Book Page Heart Wreath – With Link to Video Tutorial

This week I had some time in the evenings to spend working on some crafty stuff. It’s been beautiful! It seems like so long since I’ve spent any time making anything in my craft room. I feel like I just took a big breath of fresh air! It can be hard to make time for creativity when one has a babe to take care of.
I saw this super cute book page heart wreath by Christina at The DIY Mommy, and as Valentines day is coming up, I knew I had to make it!
I followed the video tutorial pretty well exactly, except for two facts. First, instead of folding the book pages, I crumpled/wrapped them around a pencil eraser. Basically, I stuck the pencil in the middle of the page, and wrapped and folded the page around it. That gave me a base on which to put my glue, and a nice tamper to hold the paper onto the wreath as the glue was drying. I found it went faster when I started doing it that way.
Second, I just hot glued some jute twine to the back of the wreath instead of using lace like she does. I didn’t have any lace or ribbon that looked good handy at the moment. Anyway, I think it still turned out pretty darn cute! What do you think? (Please excuse the dusty mirror…)

You can find Christina’s video tutorial here if you’d like to make your own book page heart wreath. You could even experiment with different shapes or maybe children’s book or magazine pages! Be creative and see what you can come up with!


  1. Elisabeth it’s GORGEOUS! Way to go! 🙂

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