June Goals

I’m getting a bit of a late start on this, but here we go. I’ve never written out monthly goals before, so I thought I’d give it a try. I’ve seen quite a few other bloggers do it and they seem to quite enjoy the process, so I’m going to see how it works for me.
My goals for the beautiful month of June are:

Try four new muffin recipes 
I’ve been wanting to start a new blog segment for a while now; muffin Mondays. We’ll see how it goes. I’d like baking to be a thing Z and I do together as he gets older, maybe once a week or so.

Write at least four blog posts
I’ve been off the grid again as far as blogging goes. I’ve never been a very consistent blogger, partly because I want my words to mean something, and not just be fluff and filler.  I want to inspire, share insight, and have what I write actually be interesting and useful to others. Most of the time though I just don’t feel like I have much to say that people would want to read. That’s about to change though. I’ve decided I’m going to write about whatever I feel like writing about, and if people want to read it, awesome. If they don’t, great. I’m going to write for me.

Keep on top of the house work
A realistic, yet seemingly unachievable goal for me. I’m working on it though, and (I think) slowly getting better at this.

Send out ‘thinking of you’ cards to four people 
Everybody likes to know someone’s thinking about them, and everyone loves to get mail that’s not a bill or advertisement. So I want to start writing just one little note to one person at a time, stick it in a cute little card, and mail it out to them. There are four Fridays left in the month; lets do one a week.

Walk at least 3 times a week
I love going for walks. I often pack Z up and take off when we’re having a grumpy day or he’s not napping, and it just clears both of our heads and puts us in better moods. And sometimes it helps calm Z down enough to fall asleep! Bonus! Its been quite hot here, and I haven’t gotten up and moving in time to walk before it warms up too much. So I want to actually make an effort to walk earlier in the day on hot days, or drag the uber hub out for a family walk in the evening around sunset before Z hits the hay. I love an evening stroll with my boys!

Get through the 30 day Instagram challenge
I’ve never done a photo challenge before, so I thought I’d give it a try… Its all about consistency; something I’m working hard on in most areas of my life (yay.). I thought this would be a good way for me to get into the habit of posting at least one photo every day.

Clean up the back yard
We’ve done quite a bit of spring cleaning in our yard already, but with all the rain and then extreme heat, I haven’t nearly finished. There is a huge pile of sticks and branches sitting in the middle of our yard that I’d love to get rid of. Definitely want to make that happen this month for sure!

Go on at least two dates with the uber hub
In my opinion, hubs and I don’t get enough alone time together. I mean, what marriage can survive on just those few minutes in bed before both parties drift off to sleep? And, as I believe one of my love languages is quality time, I may need a smidge more of that than others. So. Two dates? In a month? Seems doable….

Explore one place I’ve never been before
We live in the Okanagan; its such a beautiful area! There are a bajillion things to see and do around here, and I sure haven’t seen and done them all yet! So, from nature walks to wineries to whatever else this amazing valley has to offer, I’m making it a goal to go somewhere I haven’t gone before, either with Z, or on a date with hubs, or as a family.  I may even write blog posts about what I discover!

Make a large dent in my sewing room 
My craft room has been a disaster for way too long now. First step I think is to organize that large pile of fabrics lying on the floor, and then chuck anything that can be chucked.

Sell three things I’ve made
I’ve been making and making and making, but I have done absolutely no selling. I don’t like to try to market my stuff; its awkward. But, I’ve been accumulating made things for too long now, and its time to try and get rid of a few of them. Facebook buy/sell groups, here I come!

So, there’s my first monthly goal list. Lets see how many of these I can accomplish in the next few weeks! What are some goals you have for the month of June?

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