About Me


untitled-2-2I have always loved making beautiful things, and beautifying my surroundings to the best of my ability. I feel that designing weddings and other events is a perfect way to accomplish this. I love to be able to look at an area I’ve decorated, and have it look totally different than what it looked like before I started.  Its such a satisfying feeling to look at something and think, “I did this. And its gorgeous!” My style is flexible and eclectic.  My goal is to create the wedding/party you’ve always dreamed of.

I enjoy using old things I find at second hand stores or garage sales to revamp, recreate, and upcycle to make custom decor for the events I style. I also have an ever growing inventory of pieces I like to pull from to mix and match with new stuff.
I grew up with a mother and grandmother who love to decorate, and worked for my dad as a stone mason for 9 years, which really helped me develop my eye for what looks good and goes together, and also what doesn’t.
I love to hear people talk about their upcoming events; the excitement in the planning and hearing people’s visions for what they want the even to look and feel like really gets my creative juices flowing. Sometimes its a piece of furniture, a photo, or a family heirloom that the look and feel centers upon, and other times its a holiday or season.
I live with my amazing hubby and my ever-energetic golden in the beautiful Okanagan valley, surrounded by orchards, hills, lakes, and vineyards. It is truly a magnificent place to live, abounding in beauty and inspiration. Scenery is always changing; no two days are exactly alike.
My husband is a huge help. He’s very technically minded, and helps me out with my website and online store.
Random facts…
I sang in a rap group for a few years (we weren’t that great, but it was fun)
I love to play video games
Libraries, coffee shops, and in the woods are a few of my favorite places to be
I haven’t been outside of North America, but would love to travel the world
Disneyland is one of my favorite places to travel to
San Fransisco is a favorite city of mine