How To Get Things Done As A New Mom

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This is something I’ve been struggling with over the last four months. Before my wonderful little bundle of amazingness came along, my house was usually at least somewhat decently clean. [Read more…]

My Ulitmate Autumn Bucket List – With Printable

Swirl of beautiful leaves

Whether we’re ready or not, there’s no denying it; the nights are getting cooler, the leaves are turning color, and there’s a smell of fall in the air.  So, since I’m kind of on an autumn kick, this week I decided I’d be super unoriginal and make a fall bucket list.
I did some research and put together a list of 75 ideas of things to do in fall.  There are activities to do alone, and with others. Some are free, and some would cost a bit more money. Some activities are good for when you only have a bit of time, and some take a little longer.  I tried to put a really good variety of activities together, so there’s something for everyone, at any time.

Here’s what I’ve come up with… I’ve included some tutorial and recipe links in the list.  I’ll post the printable below.

 1. Get lost in a corn maze
2. Go apple picking
3. Roast marshmallows
4. Go on a nature hike
5. Attend murder mystery dinner
6. Go pumpkin picking
7. Take photos in the pumpkin patch
8. Go for a country drive
9. Bake a pie, bread, or cookies like these yummy looking ones!
10. Make a wreath for your front door
11. Go to a fall festival
12. Carve/decorate pumpkins
13. Go for a hay ride
14. Rake a neighbor’s leaves
15. Attend library program
16. Do a city tour
17. Have a fall photo shoot
18. Have a family game night
19. Make a scarecrow
20. Make leaf piles and jump in them
21. Enjoy the sunset
22. Take a foggy morning walk
23. Try a new tea or coffee
24. Visit a haunted house
25. Decorate your porch
26. Knit or crochet a scarf
27. Visit a candle shop
28. Bake pumpkin bread (yum yum!)
29. Stay in a b&b with fall views
30. Sip warm apple cider on the porch
31. Decorate your mantel
32. Weekend getaway in the mountains
33. Create a new fall scent for your home, using essential oils
34. Use an old sweater as a crafting material – so cozy!
35. Go antiquing for cozy decorating finds
36. Host a fall canning party
37. Collect leaves, acorns, and pinecones
38. Create a new thanksgiving recipe
39. Give thanks
40. Make pinecone bird feeders
41. Make leaf art
42. Do thanksgiving crafts (Good for kids)
43. Go see a play or symphony
44. Have a picnic
45. Host a cocktail and dessert night and pumpkin spice all the things
46. Enjoy classic movies under cozy blankets
47. Go on a photo walk
48. Cook a meal with squash
49. Fly a kite
50. Race leaf boats down a stream
51. Build a fort inside or outside
52. Go bird watching
53. Feed the birds
54. Go to a craft show/farmer’s market
55. Make pinecone garland
56. Bake fall cookies
57. Make a fall banner
58. Eat dinner by candlelight
59. Participate in Oktoberfest
60. Snuggle by the fire
61. Find a favorite fall candle or make candles
62. Host a fall brunch
63. Listen to some ella fitzgerald & louis armstrong
64. Bake 5 different things with apples
65. Make chili
66. Curl up with a favorite book
67. Visit a flea market/antique show
68. Make a fancy table setting
69. Make candy apples
70. Start Christmas shopping
71. Go see a drive-in movie
72. Clean up your yard
73. Splash in puddles after the rain
74. Bake pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
75. Make donuts

Beth's Ultimate Autumn Bucket List Printable

Beth’s Ultimate Autumn Bucket List Printable

I hope this gives you at least a few ideas for when you just don’t know what you want to do.  What are some things I don’t have on my list that are your autumn must-dos?

Fall Decorating: Post 1 – Bathroom


I feel like I may have chosen to share about the hardest room of the house first, which is fine; get it over with.  Now, maybe you’d have better success than I have, but I haven’t been able to find a whole heck of a lot on seasonal decor for bathrooms.  Especially fall decor.  Maybe they’re not a very decorated room when it comes to the seasons.  Its amazing though how you can change the look of a room with just some different colored towels, or a vase with flowers or other seasonal aliveness in it.
In a small area such as a bathroom, a little can go a long way. You can use just a few fallish elements such as fall-colored towels, leaves, or even just change the soap dish and accessories to create a different feel for a new season. [Read more…]

Happy September!

Wow, can you believe its already September? It feels like this summer just flew by! The time for sweaters, tea, scarves, and pumpkin spicing all the things is upon us.  To kick off the fall, I’m going to do a series of posts on fall decorating, room by room. I think I’ll start with the bathroom and possibly end with a fall tour of my house. So stay tuned! In the meantime, here’s a pic of a cute little pumpkin I picked up at the market yesterday…

Welcome To The World…

Its been just over three weeks since baby Zachariah was born, and just over three weeks since I’ve been at a computer.   [Read more…]

Thankful Thursday Week 5 – Something Someone Gave Me

Its a chilly, blustery, sleepy, drizzly day in the Okanagan today.  Pup is snoring away in another room, and I’m settling down and curling up with my music and a cup of tea. One thing I love about having a nice hot drink is the container I drink it from. I love beauty. I love contrast. I love drama and black and white.  My mom and granny are both the kind of people who, if they see something while they’re out and about that they know one of their family members would love, will buy it, provided its a reasonable price and can be afforded at the time.   About 6 or 7 years ago now, Gran came home with one of those purchases for me – a mug and bowl set. It may not be much, but its totally me. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had my favorite teas and lattes in this mug. It’s my go-to for my comfort drinks for sure.

File 2016-02-18, 3 25 03 PMWhat are some little things like this that have become part of your daily life/routines?


Thankful Thursday Week 4 – Family Member

So.  I’ve been really bad at this weekly blogging thing… But now that I’m home from my vacation and recovered from being sick, I’m getting back on it! And for the weekly gratefulness challenge, I’m gonna double up till I get back on track.

Here goes… [Read more…]

Wordless Wednesday – Epcot at Night


Thankful Thursday Week 3 – Family

  I grew up in a somewhat unusual household. From the time I was a baby till I got married, I lived in a house with my parents, my siblings, and my mom’s parents. In some ways it felt like I grew up with two sets of parents, and in others, it was like having staunch allies against my parents when things weren’t going my way.
I’m the oldest of five kids; I have three brothers and an 11 year old sister.
My family has been my biggest support system my whole life.

My mom stayed home to homeschool and taught (and is still teaching) us how to become responsible, well rounded adults. 
My dad worked and works long hours to be a good provider – for years as a forklift operator, and now as a stone mason.      
My papa got me my first jobs, taught me how to paint houses when he retired from school teaching and got into painting full time, and helped us kids with our school work.  
My granny has been my confidante and my ‘talker-toer’ for years. Late night conversations were some of our favorite times together. 
My brothers were my best friends growing up. We spent a lot of time together, being homeschooled and all. 
And finally, my little sister is now coming to the age where we can go shopping and try on clothes at some of the same stores. So much fun!

  My family played a huge roll in why I am who I am today, and I wouldn’t change a thing. They’re all such amazing people!

Out To Sea

The Carnival Ship Conquer

The Carnival Ship Conquer

So hubs and I have been away for a few days now. We decided to take one more major trip as just a couple, and head down to Florida for a much needed getaway. [Read more…]