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Its been just over three weeks since baby Zachariah was born, and just over three weeks since I've been at a computer.   … [continue]

Thankful Thursday Week 5 – Something Someone Gave Me

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Its a chilly, blustery, sleepy, drizzly day in the Okanagan today.  Pup is snoring away in another room, and I’m settling down and curling up with my music and a cup of tea. One thing I love about having a nice hot drink is the container I drink it from. I love beauty. I love […]


Thankful Thursday Week 4 – Family Member

Mom and me on my wedding day

So.  I’ve been really bad at this weekly blogging thing… But now that I’m home from my vacation and recovered from being sick, I’m getting back on it! And for the weekly gratefulness challenge, I’m gonna double up till I get back on track. Here goes…


Wordless Wednesday – Epcot at Night




Thankful Thursday Week 3 – Family


  I grew up in a somewhat unusual household. From the time I was a baby till I got married, I lived in a house with my parents, my siblings, and my mom’s parents. In some ways it felt like I grew up with two sets of parents, and in others, it was like having staunch […]


Out To Sea

Fireplace & Orchids

So hubs and I have been away for a few days now. We decided to take one more major trip as just a couple, and head down to Florida for a much needed getaway.


Thankful Thursday 2: Spouse/Significant Other

wife love husband

I don’t know what I’d do without my Hubs. He means the world to me! He’s strong in many of the areas I’m weakest, he helps me get back on track when I become too scattered, and one touch from him can pretty much calm me down from a full blown panic attack (thankfully I […]


52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge (Thankful Thursday): Week 1 – Why Start?

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So  I was browsing Pinterest for blog ideas a few weeks ago, and stumbled upon a pin about the 52 week gratitude challenge. I checked it out, and decided it was something that I’d like to do. I’ve been reading a book that touches a bit on thankfulness and how it changes our perspectives (and […]


Looking back at Christmas & forward to 2016


Well! I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve had a good holiday so far! There have been busy and hectic days, and there have been relaxing days, where hubs and I don’t get out of bed till 11. (I’m relishing those days, as I don’t know if I’ll ever have them again once M&M […]


Christmas Preparation


Goodness. It’s December 11th, which means only 13 days till family Christmas celebrations begin (my family has always celebrated on Christmas Eve).